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Rand Paul To Young People: Treat Free College Like Somebody’s Offering You Heroin

Rand Paul says young people should treat offers of free college like heroin.

The Republican presidential candidate and Kentucky senator made the comments on Friday to Iowa radio host Jeff Angelos, arguing that America’s youth should think about “what is free and what is a drug, an addicting drug like heroin.”

“The main thing I would say is that nothing’s free,” Paul said. “If someone offers you something for free, treat it as if they’re offering you heroin and think about the repercussions of what is free and what is a drug, an addicting drug like heroin and the ramifications of that. There’s nothing free. It just means somebody else is gonna pay for it, you don’t see them. So the plumber, the welder, the carpenter, the people who don’t go to college are being asked to pay for your education.”

Paul went on to argue that higher education was “so expensive” today because of an “educational monopoly,” saying his solution would be to allow college students to deduct “the entire cost of going to college” over the course of their working careers and to “allow the internet to blossom.”