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A Preview Of Minnesota’s Approach To Ensuring Equitable Student Access To Quality Educators

After months of soliciting community input on a draft of Minnesota’s response to the Every Student Succeeds Act — the new federally mandated state accountability law commonly known as ESSA — staff at the Minnesota Department of Education have been granted a bit more breathing room. Because of a recently extended deadline from the feds, Minnesota won’t be submitting a draft for approval until September 2017.

That being said, teachers, administrators and education advocates who sat on the educator quality committee convened for their last official meeting last Wednesday. They had been tasked with three primary objectives: to help define what constitutes an “ineffective” teacher in Minnesota — a new data point required under ESSA — and to discuss the local and state roles in ensuring equitable access to quality teachers.

In addition to collecting and publicly reporting data on the distribution of teachers categorized as “ineffective,” MDE will continue to track which students are being served by teachers who are deemed “out-of-field” and “inexperienced.”