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A Perk for N.Y.’s Richest Areas: First Dibs on Top Public Schools

On paper, Tiffani Torres looked like a strong candidate for one of New York City’s highest-performing, most selective public high schools. She had high test scores and excellent grades. “I was a good fit for what the school was looking for,” Tiffani said.

But when Tiffani was rejected by her dream school, Eleanor Roosevelt High School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, she didn’t realize she never had much of a chance in the first place.

That’s because Tiffani lived in Brownsville, a mostly low-income, Black and Hispanic neighborhood in the center of Brooklyn.

But the unusual admissions carve-out available to children in some of the city’s richest neighborhoods shows just how profoundly inequality was baked into the nation’s largest public school system, long before the virus hit.

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