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Penn State Frat Boys Sure Enjoyed Posting Facebook Pics Of Passed Out, Nude Women

A secret Facebook page called “2.0” was maintained by Penn State University fraternity Kappa Delta Rho, which has since been suspended because of it. The group was populated by 144 frat brothers, who were current and former students, according to authorities. They posted pictures of drug sales, frat initiations and unconscious women, sometimes nude, while taking turns taunting them. The result could be criminal charges, local police said Tuesday.

The scandal marks the latest frat controversy to erupt in a year saturated with them. From debunked allegations of a campus gang-rape at the University of Virginia to an Oklahoma University frat singing a racist chant, the Penn State frat’s secret Facebook page pushed yet another campus into the national spotlight and elicited more soul-searching over what possesses some people to make such bad decisions.