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Nevada Teachers Feel Priced Out Of Homeownership, Living Alone

 Teachers across Nevada are feeling the squeeze of a hot housing market, rising inflation and largely stagnant wages. Education leaders are worried about what the state of the economy portends for educators who are struggling to afford housing at a time when schools are struggling to recruit and retain them.

Housing costs in Nevada’s two largest metropolitan areas have skyrocketed over the last six years. The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in Reno is about $1,350 a month, almost twice the average rate from November 2014, according to data from Zumper, a rental listing platform. Rents for one-bedroom apartments in Las Vegas have seen similar increases during that time period.

These prices put renting or buying a home out of reach for some educators in Nevada, where the average starting teacher salary is about $41,277, according to figures from the National Education Association. 

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