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MU Sexual Assault Advocates Speak Up, Get Pushed Out

The University of Missouri’s sole victim advocate was prepared to leave her post last spring but was convinced to stay. A week later Taylor Yeagle was forced out of her role after she gave a media interview criticizing how the university’s Title IX appeals officials handled a client’s case.

Yeagle for years was on the front lines of the university’s efforts to stop sexual violence as part of its Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center. Her advocacy work received praise from students she helped navigate the Title IX process for sexual assaults as well as from colleagues and university leaders.

But after Yeagle was interviewed by the Columbia Daily Tribune for a series of stories about the university’s handling of Title IX cases, she and her supervisor were forced out of their positions, multiple sources told the Tribune.

Yeagle, along with longtime RSVP Coordinator Danica Wolf, were given the option of resigning and receiving an extra month’s salary and benefits, or risk being fired and getting nothing.

Their trouble began with an email sent to check their statements. Yeagle’s emailed quotes were pushed up the chain of command, and the message sent back down was that Yeagle shouldn’t have provided an interview, and Wolf shouldn’t have allowed it. The process of removing both happened quickly after their superiors obtained Yeagle’s quotes.