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Michelle Rhee Stepping Down As CEO Of Sacramento-based StudentsFirst

Michelle Rhee, the prominent and controversial education figure who is the wife of Mayor Kevin Johnson, announced on Wednesday that she is stepping down from her post as chief executive of StudentsFirst, the national advocacy organization she founded in 2010.

As Johnson’s national stature increases, Rhee’s new role will be to focus on the mayor’s future. She has already provided counsel to Johnson on political and policy issues since he first ran for office in 2008, including writing key speeches and vetting appointments to the mayor’s staff. At the same time, Johnson has played an active role with StudentsFirst, helping to launch the organization and open its headquarters in downtown Sacramento.

“Kevin has achieved national recognition and is in a position to drive critical change where it’s needed,” Rhee said in a statement sent exclusively to The Bee. “Kevin and I view our goals in life and public service as a team. He was right there with me when we created this organization and has worked alongside me throughout these past four years. I am excited to continue working side by side on these new opportunities we have.”

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