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Michael Cohen Testifies That He Threatened Colleges and College Board if They Released Trump’s Records

Michael D. Cohen, a former personal lawyer for President Trump, said in testimony on Wednesday before the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee that, at Trump’s direction, he had threatened legal action against the College Board, Trump’s former high school, and the universities he attended if they released the president’s academic records.

Trump spent two years at Fordham University, in New York, before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania’s business school for his undergraduate degree.

In a 2015 letter to Fordham, Cohen cited the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, writing that the institution could not release Trump’s academic records without permission and would be held “liable to the fullest extent of the law.” Cohen also wrote that releasing Trump’s records without approval could lead to “criminal and civil liability and damages including, among other things, substantial fines, penalties, and even the potential loss of government aid and other funding.”