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Meet the Howard U. Student Who Won a Scholarship From Beyoncé

A few years ago, Maya Rogers was in a car crash in Michigan. She’s not quite sure what happened that day in February 2013, but basically, she was rear-ended and her car flipped into a ditch. When everything settled, she noticed the roof of the car was “completely smashed in” and she was leaning to one side, she said. Rogers suffered a traumatic brain injury.

“And the recovery process was super challenging,” she said. “But luckily, all of my therapists, they knew that I was a musician. So they incorporated music into all of my treatment plans.”

Rogers — a vocalist who also plays guitar, piano and flute — did recover, after undergoing therapy integrated with music. Now, Rogers is working toward a career in music therapy. And she’s getting some help in that pursuit. From Beyoncé.

Rogers, 36, is a recipient of the Formation Scholars award, a scholarship for women the megastar artist announced in April. Four winners were named last week, including Rogers, who is entering her second year at Howard and aiming to earn a postgraduate certificate.