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Lausd Expert Argues Girl With Low Iq May Suffer Less After Sex Assault

A psychologist hired by LAUSD testified last year that a 9-year-old girl’s low IQ provided a “protective factor” that could reduce the amount of emotional stress she experienced from a sexual assault, according to court records examined by KPCC.

Dr. Stan Katz made the statements during the May 2013 trial over how much in damages the girl was entitled to after being repeatedly sexually assaulted by a boy at her school.  The girl has an IQ between 64 and 70; the boy who assaulted her was not developmentally disabled, according to court transcripts. 

The abuse happened at various spots around the school campus, according to David Ring, the girl’s attorney. Her family sued LAUSD, arguing the girl needed financial compensation because she suffered significant trauma and would need long-term therapy.