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Just One 4th-grader Passed Math Portion Of State Exam in State-Run District

Detailed results from Michigan’s tough new standardized exam paint a worrisome picture for many schools in Detroit and will likely boost state efforts to fix what many see as a broken educational system in the city. Just one fourth-grader in schools run by the Education Achievement Authority — a state district created to turn around the worst-performing schools in the state — passed the math portion of the exam, according to results released this morning. Overall, only 1.2% of the students in the district passed in math and 5.6% passed in English language arts. In some grades and subjects, not one student passed. The EAA includes 15 schools, 12 of which are directly run by the district. The three operated as charters did better, with 6% passing in math and 11.6% passing in English language arts.