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Judge Lifts Jindal Administration’s Suspension Of Common Core Contracts

With high-stakes assessments of Louisiana fourth-graders slated for spring 2015, a state judge in Baton Rouge sided with Common Core advocates Tuesday and lifted the Jindal administration’s suspension of contracts for a key state test on which supporters of the new academic standards have been relying.

District Judge Todd Hernandez cautioned that the judicial branch should “rarely, if ever” enjoin the executive branch of government, but said the evidence he heard in the case Monday left him with no other choice. “As it stands in Louisiana today, according to the law, students in the fourth grade will take some form of high-stakes leap test at the end of the 2014-2015 fourth-grade school year and each of these students must perform to a certain standard in order to be promoted to the next grade,” the judge wrote.

“However, the evidence presented at the hearing of this matter proves that the content of these assessment tests to be issued to these students as well as the materials needed for teachers to prepare these students for these tests are unknown; therefore, the evidence is clear that this state of the unknown has caused anxiety and other harm to the parents, teachers, administrators and students in Louisiana,” he said.