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JCPS Pulls Troubled Kids From Schools, Outraging Parents

s he sat in a Louisville psychiatric hospital preparing to hand over his 7-year-old daughter, Brian Carroll knew none of it felt right. 

The security guards. The sterile waiting room. The clerk positioned behind a glass window. He didn’t believe his daughter Pepper, who has autism, was truly in the midst of a mental health crisis. Yes, she had an outburst at school. But did she deserve to be here?  

Pepper was tucked on his lap that day last August, her steely blue eyes darting around the room in panic as she flailed her tiny arms, signaling “no, no, no” over and over again. Carroll tried to soothe his little girl, assuring her it would all be OK.  It had to be, he thought. Because the alternative threatened by Pepper’s school was far worse: potentially losing his daughter to state child protective services.