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Innovation in Education Journalism: Experimentation and Promise

There’s no shortage of innovation in journalism these days, whether it’s related to story selection, information-gathering, presentation, or distribution. Last summer’s Investigative Reporters and Editors conference in Phoenix was full of ideas for new and different approaches. Some seem worth exploring.

But how much of this experimenting is going on in education news – and what’s particularly promising? A quick spin around the education journalism ecosystem (including interviews with the Teacher Project’s Sarah Carr, Chalkbeat’s Philissa Cramer, NPR’s Steve Drummond, the 74’s Steve Snyder, EdWeek’s Kathleen Manzo, and the Seattle Times’ Linda Shaw) shows quite a lot of experimentation, and without too much of the desperate lunging toward half-baked technologies that we see in other parts of the journalism world. Nobody’s laying off half the staff and pivoting to video (as far as I know), or betting the ranch on virtual reality.