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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Could be Trump’s VP

With Gov. Mike Pence high on the shortlist of potential running mates for Donald Trump (and rising), the Indiana governor’s role in the contentious state fights over education are likely to soon become national news.

In contrast with Trump’s brashness, Pence is known as a polite, measured politician who speaks with deliberation. Nonetheless, the first-term governor is far from the center on policy issues. A darling of social conservatives mostly for his support of religious rights and anti-abortion policies, Pence is in a close re-election fight this November.

As governor, Pence has supported expanding charter schools and voucher programs. But Pence’s signature education initiative was a push to create the first state-funded preschool program. Despite opposition from many Republican allies in the state legislature, Pence was a staunch advocate for the small preschool pilot program that launched in 2015.