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How Three Mothers of Students With Special Needs are Getting Through the Pandemic

In one household, a mother has taken on the role of three adults to meet the emotional, educational and physical needs of her partially paralyzed teenage daughter. 

Across town, a mom facing homelessness has turned a hotel room into a home and school for her family of five, and a son with ADHD. 

In another home, a mother of a son with Autism is watching their relationship change as she takes on the role of educator and therapist.

With schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, managing nontraditional instruction (NTI) at home is a huge challenge for many families. But for parents of children with disabilities, the task is monumental. Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) has 13,000 students with special needs. We wondered how the parents of those children are faring in their roles as teacher, therapist and, of course, parent. We spoke with three mothers.

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