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How Many Black Students Took the AP Comp Sci Test in Wisconsin Last Year? Four

Last spring, 465 students took the AP computer science exam in Wisconsin. Only four of those test takers were African-American.

According to a report by Education Week which looked at College Board data from each state, the numbers around the country show that the vast majority of those who take the AP computer science exam are white and male. 

The numbers of “underrepresented minorities” (students who are not white or Asian) and female test takers inched up last year but were still significantly lower than their peers. In a 2015 study by Georgia Tech, which analyzed the data, 10 states had fewer than 10 girls take the exam. There were no females who took the exam in Wyoming, Mississippi or Montana. In Wisconsin, 58 girls (12.5 percent) took the test. Hawaii had the largest percentage of female test takers at 33 percent.