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Hillary Clinton’s College Plan Appeals to the Left, but Educators Have Doubts

Hillary Clinton announced her new higher education plan this summer with a burst of fanfare, promising to invest $500 billion to eliminate tuition for millions of students at public colleges and universities across the country. The move was an expansion of an earlier, less ambitious proposal, and was seen as a conciliatory gesture to her left-leaning primary opponent, SenatorBernie Sanders of Vermont, and his supporters ahead of the Democratic Party’s convention.

“One of the biggest issues that I hear about throughout the campaign, that I hear about from every corner of our country, is how much an education costs,” Mrs. Clinton said on Wednesday at a campaign event in New Hampshire with Mr. Sanders. “Bernie’s absolutely right.”

But while the liberal wing of the party has cheered the idea as a much-needed antidote to soaring tuition and student loan debt, many in education have questioned how such a plan would actually work. More government influence in the sector could lead to unintended consequences, they fear, and some details of the Democratic presidential nominee’s proposal remain murky.