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A High-Crime Neighborhood Makes It Harder To Show Up For School : NPR

Getting students to show up is one of the biggest challenges schools face: How can someone learn at school if they’re not there in the first place?

A new study suggests living in a high-crime area, or simply passing through one on the way to school, can impact how often students show up to class.

The research team looked at how neighborhood crime in Baltimore affects attendance. The vast majority of students there use public transportation (like many urban school systems, Baltimore City Public Schools don’t bus students). Researchers mapped the routes high school freshmen took to and from school — what streets they were walking on, when and where they picked up a bus, when they transferred, etc. Then, researchers applied crime data by location and time of day to see how those findings related to student absences for the year.

They discovered “kids who are supposed to be walking along streets with higher rates of violent crime are more likely to miss school,” Burdick-Will explains.