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Hassan applauds changes at Pittsfield Middle/High School

It’s not every day the governor comes to your high school classroom. But at Pittsfield Middle/High School, the students handled Gov. Maggie Hassan’s visit yesterday as if it were routine, explaining a series of changes the district has made in recent years with poise. “I’m here because the way we help all of you prepare for your futures really is important to the state of New Hampshire,” Hassan told them. With the help of a $600,000 grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, the school has drastically changed what happens in its classrooms and what role students play. (Pittsfield was one of four schools in all of New England to get a grant.) Hassan visited yesterday to see those changes firsthand and to hear from students. Teachers now focus more on collaboration and student-led discussions instead of tests and worksheets, and the students have taken a more active role in school governance.