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For Half, STEM Degrees Lead To Other Jobs

The Census Bureau reports that only 26% of people with any type of four-year STEM degree are working in a STEM field. For those with a degree specifically in computer science, math or statistics, the figure is 49%, nearly the same for engineering degrees.

What happens to the other STEM trained people? They aren’t stocking shelves at Walmart. The largest numbers work as managers at non-STEM businesses (22.5%) or are pursuing careers in education (17.7%), business/finance (13.2%) and office support (11.5%). 

But the report’s overarching finding — that 74% of those who have a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering and math are not employed in STEM occupations — comes with an unmentioned political question that may be the ugliest of them all: Is there a shortage of STEM-trained professionals or not?