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Grass-Roots Campaign To Make Kids, Education Top Priority

A new children’s advocacy group on Monday launched a multimillion-dollar grass-roots campaign to improve health, education and access to technology for youngsters in California and across the nation.

 With initial funding of $20 million, Common Sense Kids Action aims to mimic the clout of AARP, the association of retired people, parlaying the power of millions of parents and educators into a formidable political force, said founder James P. Steyer. cComments @ridgeley Reminds me of an article long ago in CoEvolution Quarterly about a woman who shot her TV. She claimed she did it because her baby’s first words were “meow meow,” and they didn’t have a cat. She got it from a commercial.

We have a simple mission: to make kids and education the nation’s top priority,” said Steyer, founder and chief executive of Common Sense Media, the organization’s parent company. “To ensure America remains the world’s economic leader, we must invest in the education, health and overall well-being kids need to succeed. … Common Sense Kids Action is working to ensure that no decision is made in this country without thinking about children and their education first.”