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Governor Hopes Under New Plan, No School Is Left Behind

Next month, Nevada students will set aside their pens and paper to take an online test officials say will give administrators an unprecedented look at how well students are doing in reading and math.

But in many of Nevada’s rural schools, there aren’t enough computers to go around. In many schools that do have the equipment, slow Internet connections mean only a few students can be online at once. Some schools have no access to the Internet at all.

A plan by Gov. Brian Sandoval to spend $50 million to buy computers, improve connectivity and expand classroom technology is expected to make its way through legislative hearings in the coming weeks, and data-storage company Switch is working with districts throughout Nevada to improve their data lines and digital capacities. In the meantime, school districts and the state Department of Education are scrambling to prepare for the rollout of the Web-based Smarter Balanced Assessment, meant to give officials a more in-depth look into students’ understanding of Common Core curriculum.