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Georgia Cites ‘Educational Sovereignty’ In Move To Abandon Common Core

Georgia Republicans, rebelling against what they see as a federal schoolhouse grab, may succeed in a first-in-the-nation bid to derail the so-called Common Core school standards while returning more control of math, social studies, and science curricula to local school districts in the Deep South state.

Only five years ago, former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue ®, as chair of the National Governors Association, helped lead a 45-state consortium building the new set of school standards – the so-called Common Core – aimed at improving education and student outcomes in states that voluntarily adopt the standards. The standards set a uniform goal for what US third-graders, for example, should know, but doesn’t mandate how teachers get students to that point. 

While current bill won’t outright ban the Common Core – instead it sets up a Content Standards Advisory Council where “parents or grandparents” would hold a majority – the bill would bar schools from using new science standards, set to roll out this fall. Also barred by the bill would be the National Health Education Standards, the National Curriculum for Social Studies, and the National Sexuality Standards.