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Georgia Bill Designed To Limit College Rape Investigations Advances

A controversial bill in Georgia that would limit rape investigations at colleges advanced on Wednesday, putting the campuses in conflict with Obama-era guidance on how to address the issue.

The bill, HB 51, sailed through the GOP majority largely along party-lines, 115-55, advancing what many experts see as one of the more restrictive laws on how schools can respond to campus rape reports.

“I’m glad to be that far out front,” state Rep. Earl Ehrhart, the bill’s sponsor, told BuzzFeed News.

Ehrhart, a Republican from Powder Springs, Georgia, argued that the legislation was needed to protect male students who are kicked out of college over sexual assault claims under what he sees as unfair rules dictated by the US Department of Education. However, he believes those rules are experiencing their “last gasp,” suggesting that the Trump administration will rescind them.