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GAO Finds Uneven Landscape of State Rules for Tax-Credit Scholarships – Politics K-12
Evie Blad

New data from a government watchdog shows that 17 states operated 22 tax-credit scholarship programs as of January 2019, and that some of those programs provided inaccurate information on the rights of students with disabilities, despite previous warnings.

Those programs—which provide tax credits in exchange for contributions to scholarship organizations that allow students to attend private schools— received over $1.1 billion in contributions, providing awards to about 300,000 students in 2017, says a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Those programs operate under widely varying requirements, the nonpartisan federal agency found. For example, just 14 of the 22 scholarship programs require participating schools to be accredited by a state-approved entity. And half don’t require participating schools to assess their students through standardized testing.