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The Four-day School Week: Is It Good For The Kids?

A growing number of districts across the country that now operate on a four-day week schedule. Although no one is tracking overall numbers, state officials in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon have reported increases in the number of schools shifting to four-day weeks in recent years.

In Idaho, the growth has been particularly striking: According to data from the state’s Department of Education, 42 of 115 districts and 11 of 48 charter schools are now on the four-day week. That number has roughly doubled in the past four years.

What’s the appeal? Historically, the allure of saving money has driven districts to lop a day off the school week. But increasingly they are embracing the new schedule for a surprising reason: three-day weekends can actually help children learn better and teachers teach better, at least according to many of those who have tried both schedules.