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Facebook Founder And Others Invest $100 Million In A Private School Model They Hope Can Take Root In The Public System

When Max Ventilla ventured into a career in education in the spring of 2013, he left his job as the head of personalization at Google – a company known for its custom-fit technology.

He joined a Silicon Valley company that hired researchers, engineers and educators to work alongside each other to build a school from scratch. The result: AltSchool, a network of private schools built around personalization that has earned the support of powerful allies with deep pockets.

On Monday, AltSchool’s leaders announced that the enterprise had secured $100 million in funding from several investor groups and private philanthropists, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. It’s a big leap from the $30-some million raised for AltSchool last year.

AltSchools currently has four private schools in the Bay Area. In a few months, school leaders plan to open new schools in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Brooklyn.