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Election Clears Some Obstacles for Those Who Want Engler Out at Michigan State

Michigan voters last week dislodged two gigantic barriers blocking the path for those who want to see Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees fire interim president John Engler. 

The blue wave at the top of the ticket returned a Democrat to Michigan’s governor’s mansion and the same wave at the bottom of the ticket gave Democrats control of the board, with a 6-2 advantage. Both Gretchen Whitmer, who won the governor’s race, and Kelly Tebay and Brianna Scott, who won the race for two open board seats, called for Engler to go during the election season.

And despite public statements by board members that they don’t want to remove Engler if it would make it harder to attract a good permanent president, private conversations continue. Board members are split 4-4 on whether Engler should go, according to multiple people either involved in or briefed on conversations among board members.