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‘Education Is a Winner by a Landslide’: Teachers Cautiously Optimistic After Evers’ Win

After what one teacher described as a “a long slog” for public schools under the eight-year administration of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, public school teachers and advocates felt optimistic watching one of their own — Tony Evers — defeat Walker Tuesday night.

“It was exciting knowing that Tony was a lifelong educator,” said Reshanna Lenoir-Beckfield, a third-grade teacher at Olson Elementary School, a Madison School District school located in Verona. “We really wanted Walker gone for a long time.”

Lenoir-Beckfield said Evers’ commitment to more special education funding would help her school in particular, which she said had to cut hours for special education assistants due to tightened budgets. 

Evers, a former teacher, principal and soon-to-be former state schools superintendent, featured education issues heavily in his campaign message.