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EdReporters Ignore Fast-Changing Suburbs & Silence Minority Voices, Says CUNY Prof

L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy (far left) first came to my attention at this spring’s Education Writers Association national conference in Boston, where he served as a panelist talking about school integration with the NYT’s Nikole Hannah-Jones, Century’s Rick Kahlenberg, and Education Post’s Chris Stewart.

He’s an Associate Professor in Sociology & Black Studies at The City College of New York (CUNY) and author of the well-timed 2014 book, Inequality in the Promised Land: Race, Resources, and Suburban Schooling.

While Kahlenberg and Hannah-Jones are advocates for desegregation, and Stewart is something of a skeptic, Lewis-McCoy comes out somewhere in the middle. “Most schools are at best desegregated,” he says. But the desegregated schools he’s studied are “very much not integrated” in terms of  friendship networks, kids and parents, information flow.