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Editorial: Much College Aid Goes To The Affluent

If you have a child looking for financial aid for college, our special series Sunday on the Cost of Higher Education by Dallas Morning News reporter Holly Hacker and special contributor Jon Marcus is a must-read. There’s money available, but who gets the dollars and how might surprise you.

The series, based on an analysis of federal education data by The Dallas Morning News, The Hechinger Report and the Education Writers Association, concludes that the financial burden of higher education nationally is falling heavier on lower- and middle-income families. That trend runs counter to decades of education policy designed to give students from poorer families and first-generation collegegoers “equal opportunity” when it comes to higher education and a shot at the American dream. Pricing families of modest means out of a college education for their sons and daughters will only perpetuate the widening income gap between the nation’s rich and poor.

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