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D.C. Mulling Over Common Core Test Switch

Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson opposes a switch, arguing that teachers unions would see it as an opening to attack the Common Core and testing in general. She also said her team would have to scrap preparations for a test they have long been expecting. City students are slated to field-test PARCC exams this spring.

“Let’s be frank: DCPS is never ahead of the curve,” Henderson told the D.C. Council last week. “This go-round, we actually finally did something right in preparation for something that is coming. . . . So to decide in a couple of weeks that we would potentially undo the preparation we have done causes us to ask, what changed?”

OSSE officials initially said they would decide whether to formally reopen the testing decision by March 3. Now, after gathering feedback from school leaders and national experts, they say they can’t specify a target date but hope to make an announcement soon.