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Data: Michigan Students Taking Longer To Complete Degrees

A new tracking system looking at Michigan’s college students is showing exactly what experts have been saying for years: Earning a bachelor’s degree in four years or an associate’s degree in two years is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The system, set up by the state of Michigan’s Center for Educational Performance and Information, took a look at college completions — something the federal government also tracks. But the state data takes into account transfer students. The state system also looks at part-time students, something the federal system doesn’t.

The data, being released to the public today, shows an increase in success as the years since enrollment go by. For example, at the university or college level, of the students who enrolled in 2009-10, 35.9% graduated in four years with a bachelor’s degree. That rose to 57.2% in five years and 65.5% in six years.