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Comptroller, AG Lisa Madigan Won’t OK Rauner Exec Order on Union Fees

Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger, recently appointed by Gov. Bruce Rauner, won’t abide by his executive order setting aside “fair share” union fees without a court order.

Munger’s office raised the question of whether it’s constitutional to withhold those fees and place them in an escrow account as Rauner had ordered.

On Monday, Rauner signed an executive order regarding union fees, saying its aim was to allow state workers to avoid paying so-called “fair-share” fees if they had opted out of joining a union.

However, the governor’s executive order does not apply to other constitutional officers, according to Illinois Attorney General office chief of staff Ann Spillane.

“There’s no question that under the current law that fair share fees
are constitutional,” Spillane told the Sun-Times.