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Common Core Means 3 Tests In 3 Years For Michigan Kids

Partisan bickering over the Common Core has pushed Michigan legislators in recent years to freeze — then unfreeze — spending on the new learning standards. They’ve banished the new exam that education officials had been planning to introduce this year and forced the creation of a second new test for 2015 — and a third one for 2016.

But, as Michigan and more than 40 other states plan to administer new exams linked to the standards for the first time this spring, hundreds of thousands of teachers nationwide have had no choice but to plow ahead with implementing changes in their classrooms.

The transition is especially tough in Michigan, where political one-upmanship has made it likely that students here will take three different state exams in three years. The measures that determine which kids are destined for success — and which ones are falling behind — have been repeatedly changed by lawmakers.