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Before Common Core: Jeb Bush’s 2005 Emails Show His Thinking on Standards

As he mulls a White House bid, Bush has also released thousands of emails he and his staff sent and received during his time as governor, ostensibly in an attempt to demonstrate his transparency. (Media reports quickly pointed out that the emails revealed private and sensitive information such as Social Security numbers—Bush quickly responded by saying such information would be scrubbed.) 

Bush has previously caused controversy over K-12 policy in an unguarded moment—during his first term, he was recorded stating that he had “devious plans” to undermine an ultimately successful amendment limiting class size in Florida schools that was on the ballot in 2002. I’ve been looking over just a small batch of the emails to see what, if anything, Bush was saying about the issue of content standards during his governorship. Several emails at the start of 2005 provide an interesting opportunity to review his thinking.