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College Achievement Among Asians, Pacific Islanders Varies Widely -

Although Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders often are portrayed as higher education success stories, a new report shows there is great disparity in college achievement among California students who belong to that community.

Those who identify as being from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese or Korean families tend to have significantly higher graduation rates at the UC and Cal State systems than do native Hawaiians, other Pacific Islanders and students from Laos, according to the study released Tuesday by the Campaign for College Opportunity, in partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice — Los Angeles.

At Cal State, for example, 66% of Chinese American students who entered in 2008 finished their degrees in six years, compared with 60% for Vietnamese and Japanese, 39% for Laotians and Guamanians, and 28% for Samoans.

Similarly wide differences were found among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at the state’s community colleges.