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Clinton Proposes $350 Billion Plan To Make College Affordable

Hillary Clinton will today unveil a massive plan to make higher education more affordable, student loan debt less burdensome and states accountable for supporting their public colleges. The plan — which would cost $350 billion over 10 years — is one that campaign officials say will be central to her candidacy for the presidency.

The plan touches on many other aspects of higher education policy beyond tuition and state support, promising lower interest rates on student loans, tougher rules for for-profit higher education, new grants for private colleges that have small endowments and serve large numbers of low-income and minority students, and a major expansion of AmeriCorps, through which those who perform national service may receive funds for college or repay student loans.

The plan, if adopted, would create many more opportunities for Americans to earn a four-year degree at a public college without spending or borrowing as much as they do now. And the plan would create — for many students — options that are debt-free or effectively free. But the plan stays away — intentionally, according to campaign officials — from broad promises about making higher education free or debt-free for everyone.