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Charter Question Splits Suburbs — Even Suburbs With No Charter Schools

Gov. Charlie Baker argues in an ad supporting Question 2, which would allow 12 new charter schools a year, that the change would not affect suburban districts.

Baker’s message directly targets suburban voters: “If you like your school, Question 2 won’t affect you,” the governor says, “but Question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help.”

The governor’s argument is based on the fact that most suburban districts have not yet hit their limit on charter seats. Some districts, such as Lexington, Newton, Wellesley and Concord, don’t have any charter schools. Meanwhile, urban districts like Boston, Lowell, Fall River and Everett are at or near capacity. While state figures show there’s room for more than 55,000 new charter seats statewide, most of them aren’t in cities.