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The Center For Michigan: College Costs Have Doubled, Even After Inflation, And Other Frightening Facts

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor had an average net price (after scholarships and grants are considered) of $15,939 in the 2012-13 school year, the latest year data is available. Two schools U-M is often compared to in national rankings are lower in cost – the University of Virginia at $13,463 average net cost per year and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at $11,994 per year.

Michigan State University, with a net cost of $14,526, is just above the national median for “very high research” public universities. A land-grant university MSU is often compared to, Purdue University, has a net cost of $13,541. Central Michigan University ($12,936) and Oakland University ($12,713) are both about $1,000 a year above the national median net price for similar public universities. Grand Valley State University, at $15,664 average net price, costs $3,676 more per year than the median cost of schools in its college classification.