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California’s New Computerized Exam Tryout Plagued By Glitches

New state standardized exams, given for the first time on computers this spring, really have been a test. But not always a test of math and English.

Students had trouble logging on; then many were logged off, sometimes for inactivity while they read lengthy passages. Some devices froze or didn’t save answers. Slow connections caused students to wait impatiently. There was a mysterious power failure on testing day at one campus.

Teachers figured out tricks that solved problems on some computers but didn’t work on others. Some devices didn’t function at all. Educators overwhelmingly expressed relief that this year’s results will not be used to evaluate students, teachers or schools in California.

This was considered a year to test the test — allowing school districts to work out problems and get used to the new exams, which will be covered by $51 million set aside in the state budget.