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The Business Class Where High School Students Are Running The Company

As both a business owner and student, 20-year-old entrepreneur Bobby Lenahan thought the idea of starting his own venture while helping others sounded really cool.

Lenahan’s invention — IV Hero, a superhero-themed paper sleeve that fits over IV bags to make kids feel less scared — is now used in three hospitals, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and soon two more. He used a McDonald’s french fry container as his earliest prototype.

Lenahan, an alum of William Floyd High School in Mastic, New York, credits a high school business class with giving him the skills and drive to start his own company.

In Virtual Enterprises International, also known as VE, students write a business plan, buy and sell products online with other high schools (no currency is actually exchanged), maintain personal and company bank accounts, work with mentors and compete in state and international competitions.