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The Big Move To Improve Head Start

45 CFR Chapter XIII RIN 0970-AC63.

That’s the official name of the newly-revised government standards for running a Head Start program.

If the name doesn’t grab you, this should: The Department of Health and Human Services says it’s the first “comprehensive” revision of Head Start rules since they first published them in 1975. And the changes are, in a word, big.

Or two words: “incredibly impressive.” That’s according to NYU’s Pamela Morris, who’s been lead researcher on a number of independent studies of Head Start.

Why? Several reasons. One big one: longer hours.

An extra $294 million will help fund a new requirement — that Head Start centers move half of their slots to full-time, at least 6 hours a day, by 2019, and 100% go full time by 2021.