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Biden’s Covid-19 Stimulus Plan Includes $40 Billion For Child Care

America’s child care providers have hit a breaking point.

In a survey last summer, 86 percent said the Covid-19 pandemic had hurt their enrollment. Seventy percent said it had driven up costs. With less money coming in and more going out, just 18 percent believed they could stay open longer than a year without some kind of help.

Those numbers are just one sign of a crisis that’s been brewing ever since the pandemic began spreading across the US.

With school buildings and daycare centers closed, parents — especially moms, who still shoulder the majority of caregiving responsibilities — struggle to work. Many have been forced to quit their jobs, jeopardizing their ability to provide for their families. Meanwhile, many kids aren’t getting the high-quality care and education they need. And child care providers, who operate on razor-thin margins in the best of times, are being forced to close their doors.

Given all this, experts have long been calling for a bailout of the child care industry to see it through the current crisis and secure it for the future. And now, President Joe Biden has made such a bailout part of his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan to fight the virus and rescue the American economy.

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