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Betsy DeVos Scheduled, Then Canceled, a Visit to An L.A. Charter School That Emphasizes Special Needs

The news spread quickly among the parents of the CHIME Institute’s Schwarzenegger Community School.

They had received no official notice, but they picked up the reports that Betsy DeVos — Donald Trump’s secretary of Education, whose confirmation many of them had opposed — planned to visit their Woodland Hills school on Monday when May Day marches were planned in downtown L.A. and elsewhere.

Shortly after parents began posting about the visit in a Facebook group, some began planning protests, as did at least one outside group.

But by late Sunday afternoon, federal officials, citing scheduling issues, said DeVos would no longer come. Parents received a robocall confirming as much — their first word from the school on the visit. “I did not want to provide any information until I was absolutely sure,” CHIME’s executive director, Erin Studer, told them.