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Ballots, Registration and ‘I Voted’ Stickers: These Middle-Schoolers Have Everything Except a Vote

The line of voters snaked outside a classroom Monday, through the outdoor hallways of Woodland Hills Academy middle school. 

The holdup: voter registration. There were 225 students in the sixth grade precinct, and it was taking them some time to find their names on a check-in list.

To get there, they had to pass a display near the main office featuring posters with information about each presidential candidate.

As they waited, some giggled. Others played with a hand-sized skateboard. One joked about the line: “We’re making a wall.” Said another: “Don’t vote for Trump! Don’t vote for Trump! Don’t vote for Trump!”

When they entered the classroom, U.S. history teacher Brian Simily gestured for them to sit and cast their votes. Simily helped arrange the election to show students the importance of voting — even before they are old enough to do so for real. They sat at desks with laptops, clicked to open a form, and chose Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.