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Are White Students Being Discriminated Against In College Admissions? Apparently, White House Thinks So.

Having just spent a year visiting colleges and now having attended new student orientations at Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia, I wonder about the reported concerns of the Trump administration that white students are being shut out by affirmative action policies.

Georgia’s public institutions don’t consider race as an admissions factor. (The state’s public colleges haven’t used affirmative action in admissions since the University of Georgia’s admissions policy was ruled unconstitutional in 2001 by a federal appeals court.) While the state seeks to draw more minority students to its public campuses  and has seen some improvement, the most competitive campuses in Georgia do not reflect the racial makeup of the k-12 student population.

There was no shortage of white students at Georgia’s premier research universities and the half-dozen or so elite universities we toured. But don’t take my word. According to state data, about 70 percent of UGA’s students are white, 10 percent are Asian and 8 percent are African-American. Half of Georgia Tech’s freshmen last year were white; 25 percent Asian; 8 percent Hispanic and 6.5 percent black.