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All the Reasons This Will Be a Bleak Summer for N.Y.C. Children

With the money she was set to earn this summer as a camp counselor in New York City, 16-year-old LaToya Beecham was finally going to be able to pay for her own school supplies in the fall, as well as chip in on groceries and rent. Though LaToya’s father is an essential worker, money has been tight, and the extra cash would have eased some of their financial stress.

None of that will happen now.

The spread of the coronavirus in New York has prompted the cancellation of most summer programs for children, including the employment program that connects tens of thousands of low-income students like LaToya with jobs.

The collapse of the city’s summer offerings means that New York’s children will have to endure boredom, isolation and loss of learning beyond just the academic year. And continued suffering for the city’s most vulnerable children — including poor and homeless children and students with disabilities — is inevitable. Those students have already borne the worst effects of the extremely difficult citywide transition to online learning, but remote classes at least offered children some daily structure.

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