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ACT Scores Show A Smaller Share Of Students Are ‘College-Ready’

This year’s high school graduates were less likely to demonstrate college readiness on the ACT admission test than those who took the exam the year before, according to results of the college admission test released Wednesday morning. ACT officials attributed the falling achievement levels to a rise in the number of students who took the exams.

Nearly 2.1 million graduating seniors took the ACT, the nation’s most widely used admission test, an all-time high. They amounted to about 64 percent of the nation’s Class of 2016. An estimated 59 percent took the test in the previous class.

ACT is expanding in part through a growing number of contracts to test all high school juniors in various The College Board — owner of the rival SAT test, which released a revised version this year — also has a series of state contracts. Many students take both the ACT and the SAT.